Mom Spotted A Creepy ‘Ghost Baby’ In Her Child’s Crib And The Photo Went Viral

Let’s face it: baby monitors can be creepy. In the cozy darkness of your baby’s nursery, they show your little one’s eyes glowing as if they are possessed. Depending on where you have the monitor positioned, shadows can actually appear threatening. They’re supposed to be comforting but are sometimes spooky. And for one mom who thought she saw an actual ghost baby snuggling with her son on the monitor—downright terrifying.

Maritza Cibuls, who lives in the Chicago area, is a 32-year-old mother of two who is currently staying at home with her young children while her husband works. One night, after her children’s typical bedtime routine, she was checking up on her sleeping son via the monitor when she noticed something unsettling in her son’s crib.

“At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me,” Maritza said. “I tried to ignore, but it was really starting to creep me out.”

Maritza Elizabeth/Facebook

“The rational part of my brain was telling me there was a logical explanation.”

So, what was so upsetting? Oh, nothing. Just your average ghost baby.

Maritza took a picture of the image on the monitor and texted her mom, husband, and sister the photo. Her husband told her it was probably just a puddle of her son’s drool. Unconvinced, Maritza quietly went into her son’s room and felt around for wetness to see if there was in fact a pool of drool.

“I started feeling around for wetness to see if our drool theory was correct…there was nothing.”

She then shared the photo in her Facebook mom’s group asking them if they saw the ghost baby or if she was losing it. That night, Cibuls hardly slept.

The next morning, she raced into the baby’s room to see what had really scared her and discovered the tag of her child’s mattress—featuring a baby’s face— showing through the crib sheet.


“As soon as I went in the room and opened the blinds, it was so obvious there was something under the sheet. I pulled down the sheet and see this giant baby face looking up at me,” she said.

Cibuls concluded that her husband had forgotten to put the mattress topper on the bed when he changed the sheets. The thin crib sheet allowed the tag to show through and create the illusion of a ghost baby on the monitor.

“I could kill him,” she said.

The lesson here? Next time, don’t forget the mattress topper!