Woman Nails TSA Agent Who Commented On Her Nipples

Going to the airport is on most people’s top ten list of annoying experiences. It involves long lines, anxiety about paperwork, removing your shoes surrounded by other people removing their shoes, and getting a blast of radiation so government workers can check if you’re carrying a bomb in your underwear. That’s before you even get inside to buy a cup of $10 coffee. You’re vulnerable while going through security, and one thing makes it much worse—a creepy TSA agent.


A Twitter user with the handle @loookatmeimkiad claims that she was walking through to her flight in a shirt and wasn’t wearing a bra. Bras are not mandated by the government (not yet anyway), and lots of women prefer not to wear them. If you don’t have to, why would you? So, it’s not really anyone’s business at the security booth.

Just the same, she says that as she passed through security a TSA agent noticed her braless-ness, stared at her boobs, and commented, “You’re really cold, huh?”

I’m sorry, who do you think you’re talking to, dude? The only person I can see talking to me like this without getting a smack is maybe a husband of 30 years. Maybe. But there’s no Spider-verse where making a comment about a strangers nipples while you’re at work and on the clock is okay. That is harassment, and you can go directly to the trash.

On the bright side,@loookatmeimkiad says she had a quick response, and replied, “You’re ready to get fired today… HUH?”


The bad news is that she didn’t actually report him. She does say he looked freaked out. Not enough in my opinion, but okay! She had a flight to catch.

The replies are sad for two reasons. One, a lot of men are denying that this story really happened. Every woman I know could probably come up with five times something similar happened to them right off the top of their head, but whatever. Guys who pop up to call women liars can’t really be reasoned with.

Two, there are a lot of ladies in the comments sharing their own harassment stories:

If you feel like you need to comment on a stranger’s breasts… don’t.