‘We Not Friends’—People Pile On Dad’s Tweet About Not Giving His Kids Privacy

There are many styles of parenting and they’re all up for debate, but one dad found out just how unpopular his style is when he posted his hard rules for his kids on Twitter. Going by the name “Agent of Chaos” with the handle @TheTrillAC, this pop doesn’t allow his kids one of the key ingredients to trust between children and parents: privacy.

He wrote, “My children will get ‘privacy’ from me when they can pay their own bills and feed themselves. Until then, you do what I say. Ain’t sh*t negotiable. We not friends.”

Based on his Instagram posts, Mr. Chaos has kids who are still too young to appreciate how important privacy is. He’s probably a loving dad who thinks he needs to take this hard line to protect his children, but his tweet was quickly ratioed by folks who did have this kind of parent. It didn’t work out.

No one, not even children, can stand to be monitored 24/7, and it will only lead to dysfunctional family relationships—according to the thousands of comments—and old age in a retirement home:

Despite the backlash, this doesn’t seem like a guy who will change his mind easily. He’s not the Internet’s friend either, and maybe not the brightest guy, as this person pointed out:

We may have to wait and see who is right. Too bad his kids are the ones caught up in the chaos. Don’t be like this, parents, because one day your kids will be adults and they won’t be your friends either.