This Dad Trolled His Daughter’s Proposal In The Funniest Way Possible

When it comes to marriage proposals, most people hope that everything goes off flawlessly. Sometimes, a guy or girl asking their partner to marry them will want to ask their families to be there for the special moment in their lives. One couple had the soon-to-be bride’s father in attendance for their proposal and–he made sure that it would be absolutely unforgettable.

In the most “dad” way possible, Allison Barron’s father made sure to troll his daughter during her marriage proposal to long-time boyfriend, Levi Bliss. The two have been together for two years and Barron told BuzzFeed that Bliss and her father are “very close.” So, naturally, Bliss wanted him included in the special moment.


After turning around–Bliss and Barron saw Barron’s father standing up on the rocks with a pretty hilarious and trolling message.


Both Bliss and Barron knew that her father was joking around–as it’s just his sense of humor to make light/a joke out of something like this in their lives. But, they added, that’s why they love him. After sharing the moment on Twitter, Barron was shocked to see the special moment go viral on the web.

The Internet, of course, decided to make Barron’s father into a meme.