Dad Who Tried To Pawn His ‘Barely Used’ Baby Set Off A Manhunt

Everybody’s a comedian but not everybody’s getting a Netflix special anytime soon.

A Florida man found out the hard way that his joke-writing skills may need some work when he walked into a Sarasota pawn shop, propped his baby on the counter and asked what the clerk thought the child was worth.

The shop’s owner Richard Jordan found the encounter surreal, telling

“The weirdest, strangest situation we’ve ever encountered,” said Jordan. “He put it on the counter, he was pretty serious about it. He spun the baby around, and said- can I pawn this?”

According to an interview with WFLA , the man in question, Brian Slocum, thought it would make for a funny video and expected the clerk to jokingly banter with him about the price of a baby he wasn’t seriously trying to pawn. Instead the shopkeeper was stunned and called the police when Slocum left.

This kicked off a brief manhunt until Slocum called the police and things were quickly cleared up.

A single father, Slocum admits the joke was poorly received and appeared contrite when speaking to WFLA, saying:

“They [the police] didn’t find it funny or hilarious at all and there was a lot of resources and time and money that went into it.”

He also added that “there’s nothing in the world I would trade for my son, he’s my world.”

Now hopefully he’ll buy a joke-writing book and start honing his craft. Hell, maybe they have one at the pawn shop.

h/t: WFLA