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Everyone’s Roasting This ‘Daddy’s Sticker Chart’ Rewarding A Dad Just For Taking Care Of His Kids

Everyone needs a little incentive to get things done every now and then. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself, especially when you’re a little kid. That’s why children often get rewards like stickers when they complete tasks that are far from fun. One mom took that concept a step further by creating a reward system for her husband. Except his tasks are all normal aspects of being a parent.

A mom made a “Daddy’s Sticker Chart” to give her husband rewards for being a dad to his children.

The chart was posted on the Facebook page for the blog Baby Sideburrns, and it lists tasks like “wash dishes,” “put toilet seat down,” and “pack kids’ lunches.” You know, normal things that are a part of any dad and husband’s daily life.

Daddy Sticker Chart
Baby Sideburns

The rewards are almost just as questionable as the tasks themselves. While “12-pack of your favorite beer” seems like a pretty normal treat, “no nagging for a week” makes it seem like this mom likes to nag on purpose. And with “naked hula dance” and “BJ” on the list of rewards, it seems a bit odd that the mom is trading sexual acts just to get her husband to do a few chores.

This chart has ruffled quite a few feathers over the assumption that household tasks and parenting are a woman’s job, and that a man should be rewarded just for taking care of his home.

The “Daddy’s Sticker Chart” started spreading around Twitter when it got shared along with the Tweet, “I had to f—king see this now you do too.”

People on Twitter are pretty up in arms about this sticker system.

A lot of people noticed that the dad might be intent on cleaning up his kids’ throw-up so he can receive that reward in particular.

Other people are worried about the state of communication in this marriage.

Fortunately, it turns out that “Daddy’s Sticker Chart” is actually a self-aware joke.

Karen Alpert, the writer who runs the Baby Sideburns blog, is a parody writer, and so the chart isn’t meant to really be used.

At least this chart is a fake. The sad truth is that now there are plenty of wives out there who still have to find another way to get their husbands to do some chores.