This Viral Video Proves That Fox News Is Donald Trump’s Official State Media

Donald Trump recently said that he wants his people to treat him the same way the downtrodden people of North Korea treat their dictator, Kim Jong Un; Reverence and/or mandatory ass-kissing.

A video clip tweeted by The Daily Show Thursday reveals that there’s at least one group of folks outside the White House that already does treat Donald Trump like Kim Jong Un: Fox News.

In the video, clips of Fox News hosts discussing Donald Trump are spliced with footage of reporters on North Korean state television singing praises of their supreme leader. The attitudes of the hosts on each network are virtually identical.

Fox News hosts exalt Donald Trump, nearly worshiping him as a deity for managing to arrange a meeting with Kim.

“President Trump returning triumphantly from Singapore, president Trump has now accomplished what no other American President has ever had the vision or the courage to even attempt,” says a Fox News talking head.

The clip is immediately followed by one from North Korea’s propaganda channel; “With our venerable supreme leader’s acute intelligence and courageous leadership, the world is able to witness this zenith of world peace and a vital moment for our humanity.”

Fox News on Trump:  “Only days ago, President Trump ushered in a new era of diplomacy.

North Korea on Kim: “Our venerable supreme leader comrade opened a new, triumphant era of diplomacy.”

Fox News: “This is something that many analysts and pundits thought would never happen”

North Korea: “Who could have imagined that this moment was possible?”

The video concludes with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro proclaiming “You simply can’t comprehend the genius of Donald Trump.” This, of a man who once misspelled three words in a 21-word tweet.

Fox News’ groveling exaltation of Donald Trump reveals it to be nothing less than the official state media of the Donald Trump regime. This is especially true when we compare this undeserved praise with the network’s hateful and disparaging coverage of Barack Obama.

A viral video created by NowThisNews last March revealed the network’s brazen hypocrisy. At one point, the video contrasts Sean Hannity’s commentary on Obama meeting Kim (“Obama would personally negotiate with the leaders of terrorist nations like Iran and North Korea without preconditions. Wow.”) with Trump meeting Kim (“a big win,” “a major foreign policy breakthrough.”)

Fox News has come under fire recently for their coverage of the immigration crisis (Ann Coulter calling migrant children “crisis actors,” Laura Ingraham likening detention centers to summer camp, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski responding “womp womp” when told of a 10-year-old migrant child with down syndrome who was taken from her mother, etc). The network’s unwavering and dutiful support for Donald Trump’s just-reversed child separation policy caused multiple Fox celebrities to voice their embarrassment at being associated with the network.


Just about every prominent publication has pointed out that Donald Trump treats “Fox and Friends” specifically as both sounding board and advisor. The Associated Press reported that his aides are so frustrated that he listens to Fox News more than them, that they “regularly phone prominent commentators and news hosts to provide talking points on everything from tax policy to Syria in hopes of influencing Trump.”