Dallas Police Officer Who Murdered Botham Jean In His Own Home Has Been Fired

On Monday, Amber Guyger, the white Dallas Police Officer who shot and killed her black unarmed neighbor Botham Jean, 26, in his own apartment, was fired.

Guyger, 30, claimed that she thought she was in her own apartment and that Jean, her upstairs neighbor, was a burglar. She was arrested more than two weeks ago and has been charged with manslaughter. She’s been free on bond and was placed on administrative leave after the shooting.

In a news release, police said that Police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall fired Guyger after an internal investigation found that she had engaged in “adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter.

Guyger told investigators that she had mixed up her apartment with his and that she fired two shots when he ignored her verbal commands.

It wasn’t until Guyger “turned on the … lights” and “called 911” that she realized she was “at the wrong apartment.”

However, some neighbors have given conflicting accounts of what they heard.

Guyger had claimed that the door to the apartment was ajar, but, according to the Jean family lawyer, Lee Merritt, two witnesses heard knocking in the hallway followed by a woman’s voice saying, “Let me in. Let me in.” Merritt says that one of the witnesses then heard gunshots followed by a man’s voice.

Merritt said, “What we believe to be the last words of Botham Jean which was ‘Oh my god, why did you do that?’”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz criticized his challenger, Rep. Beto O’Rourke, saying that O’Rourke was wrong to rush to judgment when he criticized Amber Guyger for the shooting of Botham Jean. In an interview with Fox 26 Houston on Sunday, Cruz said,  “It’s possible what happened was a horrifying and horrific misunderstanding, or it may be something else, And that’s why we have a legal justice system, to actually learn what the facts are and learn what happened. I wish Beto O’Rourke and Democrats weren’t so quick to always blame the police officer, always attack the police officer.”

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said in a statement that he agrees with the police department’s decision to fire Guyger. “The swift termination of any officer who engages in misconduct that leads to the loss of innocent life is essential if the Dallas Police Department is to gain and maintain the public trust.”

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Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.