GOP Rep’s ‘Alternate Universe’ Shutdown Tweet Gets Roasted As The Dumbest Take So Far

Have you met freshman Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw? If the name (or face) seem familiar it’s because SNL’s Pete Davidson said the Republican looked like a “hitman in a porno movie.” The remark provoked a wave of conservative outrage because Crenshaw happens to be a combat veteran who lost his eye in the line of duty.

Davidson apologized and Crenshaw was game about the whole thing, making his SNL debut to accept. He also used it as an opportunity to cast himself as the “hip and reasonable” Republican seeking to “bridge the divide” but offering no policy concessions, kind of like a less dorky Ben Sasse with a gun (and an eyepatch).

Some of the air went out of Crenshaw’s “rational” persona when people pointed out that he (along with other GOP hopefuls) was an admin of a racist Facebook group that hosted right-wing conspiracy theories and Nazi memes.

Crenshaw, who posted two of his campaign videos to the far-right group, removed himself when questioned about it and claimed ignorance saying, “They contacted me once and said they’d sign me up as an admin, in case I ever wanted to post. I quickly forgot about the page and never saw it again. How exactly is this news?” Just a cool, detached, no-drama dude!

Like all Republicans who strain to be seen as reasonable to the vast and diverse culture outside of the Fox News bubble as well as the media, Crenshaw employs a glib “common sense” re-framing of issues that completely ignores reality. His latest tweet, however, is completely delusional.

As Trump’s shutdown officially became the longest in history, Crenshaw tweeted that the real problem is that Republicans don’t control the House of Representatives:

“Just something to think about,” Crenshaw smugly signed off.

So we’re all on the same page, the shutdown started after Trump caved to, shall we say, “unreasonable” right-wing media pressure and backtracked on a deal that passed the GOP Senate unanimously to keep the government open. This happened on December 22, 2018 when Republicans were very much in control of the House, as they had been for the past eight years. For two of those years, I don’t need to remind you, they also had the Presidency (and the Senate).

Obviously, Twitter was ready with some brutal fact-checking for Crenshaw, who is definitely in touch with reality and not at all just another intellectually dishonest far-right conservative:

Some people juxtaposed Crenshaw’s jaw-dropping ignorance with the intense scrutiny his fellow freshman representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been getting for her misstatements:

Crenshaw’s counterfactual is obviously false, but I’d like to put forth a different one: If there were a Democratic president and either a GOP-controlled House or Senate, the government would STILL be shut down because… that’s what Republicans do! Hell, not even unified Republican control prevented conservatives from shutting down the government—twice. In fact, it seems to have encouraged it!

Republicans love holding the government hostage to extract policy concessions, especially from from Democratic presidents. And when they can’t shut the government down, they use the debt ceiling to get their demands. In 2011 they refused to raise the debt limit, threatening a fragile recovery from the 2008 economic collapse they presided over only to reverse course when they took power and blow an even bigger hole in the deficit—for no good reason!

Mark my words: If a Democrat beats Trump in 2020, Republicans will suddenly re-discover that the deficit—the one they just ballooned with a needless tax cut for the rich—is too high and raise holy hell if spending isn’t cut. It’s absolutely insane, completely divorced from reality, and an ongoing crisis in our democracy.

But I don’t want to sound unchill or alarmist about all of that, so you know, just something to think about!