Not Sure Whether To Be Confused Or Angry With Conservative Pundit’s Tweet About ‘Horny Women’ With ‘Lubed Legs’

Conservative opinionist Denise McAllister, best known for being deemed too homophobic to write for The Federalist (a feat previously believed to be impossible), is back on her Bad Take high horse.

This time around, McAllister expressed her frustration with “hearing women act like victims when they’re the ones who seduce men with their glossy lips and lubed legs, choosing to have sex because they’re too horny to stop, then complain when they get pregnant acting as if it’s all the man’s fault.”

In what is presumably a bid to seem relatable, McAllister concluded her tweet “Hey. Been there.”

A lot to unpack here. But firstly, their LUBED WHAT NOW???

Ok, now that we’ve gotten the most problematic aspect out of the way here (though one last note: only someone who lubes their legs would for a second assume lubing one’s legs is ok behavior), let’s focus on McAllister’s impressive ability to simultaneously victim blame, perpetuate rape culture, and peddle self-hating, misogynistic crap all across Twitter in a single tweet.

There’s also the nonsensical statement that men have literally zero self-control, whether lubed legs are involved or not.

Some folks clowned the now-infamous Meghan McCain one-liner “You were at my wedding, Denise.”

But, yeah, the “Hey. Been there” finisher was the source of some consternation. What does it mean? Will we ever know?

Maybe it’s part of a larger plan to get unfired from The Federalist by switching from a raging homophobe to a raging misogynist? In any case, it might just work! In the meantime, we’ll be out here lubing up our legs to get ready for the weekend.