Parody Account Sued By Devin Nunes Explodes, Thanks To Lawsuit

Devin Nunes, the hapless Republican congressman famous for bungling an attempt to reverse-engineer a scandal for the Obama administration based on Trump’s half-cocked tweets, has stepped on yet another rake this week. Nunes filed a lawsuit against Twitter for the existence of parody accounts that said mean things about him, demanding $250 million for the “extreme pain and suffering” the accounts inflicted on him.

Nunes sat down with Sean Hannity last night to vent his spleen about getting regularly and viciously dunked on on Twitter.

“How is it that every day, uh, there’s conservatives that are being banned?” Nunes said. “The fact of the matter is is people could not see my tweets.”

He continued whining from there.

“How is it possible that I can be attacked relentlessly hundreds of times a day by fake accounts that they claim in their terms of service should not be there?”

(Well Devin, it might have something to do with what an insufferable lying jerkoff you are.)

One account, “Devin Nunes’ Mom” has been shut down after Devin’s actual mom complained about the impersonation. Another, “Devin Nunes’ cow” (@DevinCow) is still operational.

The account is a reference to Devin’s family owning a dairy farm that they moved from California to Iowa where they employ undocumented laborers. The @DevinCow account mostly just snipes at Nunes with dairy puns, some of which are more painful than others but none of which rise to the level of warranting a lawsuit.

Before Nunes sued @DevinCow, the account had around 1,000 followers (pretty paltry, all things considered). The account now boasts almost 150 times that many, thanks in part to a campaign by Ellen producer Andy Lassner (but mostly to Nunes’ own stupidity).

The fake cow has around 144,000 followers and counting, but still lags behind Nunes’ 392,000.

Fox News is, of course, devoting plenty of coverage to Nunes’ nuisance lawsuit because “free speech” or something.

President Trump weighed in on the lawsuit, saying nonexistent social media bias against conservatives is “collusive,” whatever the hell that means.

Trump also promised he’d be “looking into” alleged Facebook bias against his social media chief and former caddy Dan Scavino.

The truth is there is no anti-conservative bias on social media platforms, in fact you could argue there’s pro-conservative bias. Right-wing sites routinely dominate Facebook’s top stories, which provided fertile ground for trolls seeking to profit from fabricating favorable right-wing stories in the 2016 election.

Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg refused to boot holocaust denying groups off of Facebook and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently said the social media platform had been “way too aggressive” in responding to right-wing harassment campaigns. There are plenty of problems with big tech and social media companies, but anti-conservative bias simply isn’t one of them.

This is all part of a larger conservative strategy to hound tech companies into treating right-wing groups with kid gloves while the rest of their users live by a second set of rules. It’s as clear as day, and yet they refuse to see it, for one reason or another.

h/t: McClatchy, Buzzfeed, Recode, USA Today