The Damn Dictionary Just Threw Savage Shade At Kylie Jenner Being A Billionaire

Kylie Jenner’s been in the news a lot lately, and she’s had a pretty full year. She had a baby, officially ditched her lip fillers, and managed to take Mark Zuckerberg’s spot as the youngest billionaire on the Forbes list of the wealthiest of the wealthy. But it’s that last nugget of news that’s causing some people to cry foul. The latest voice criticizing Jenner’s place on the list is the honest-to-god Dictionary.

Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner took over Mark Zuckerberg’s place on Forbes’ list of the youngest billionaires:

And there was one tiny little adjective that pissed people off:

Well, it wasn’t just actual human beings who started throwing shade, the Dictionary got in on the action too:


People on Twitter were dying at the “clarification”:

But they didn’t stop there, followed up with a tweet showing a recent intense increase in the number of people looking up “self-made”:

Sorry, Kylie, but America’s number one reference book has officially spoken!