People With ‘Dirty’ Last Names Share All The Problems It’s Caused In Their Lives

The English language is so nuanced and beautiful. It can also be complicated. Sometimes two words sound the same, but different spellings mean different things. Sometimes certain letters are silent, sometimes an I comes before E except after C. Sometimes someone’s name means “penis.” It’s all about context.

A woman named Natalie Weiner (tee hee) tried to fill out some sort of form only to have it rejected. The automatic text in the rejection notice read, “Offensive language discovered in the last name field.”

She captioned it, “This is without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

It’s pretty hilarious that the word “weiner” is considered offensive language. Yes, it could be referring to genitalia, but it could also refer to a hot dog or a dachshund puppy or a human who has what is overall a fairly common last name. How tight is this filter?

Weiner found the very puritanical standards of the form funny, but lots of people have been pretty frustrated by situations where having a naughty name make their life difficult. Lots of people replied with illuminating stories, simultaneously revealing the fact that there are people out there with the last name “Medick.” Hee hee hee.

Justice for the Cockburns, the Gaywoods and the Weiners! Justice for the Cummings! People with ancestors who had insane sex deserve our respect, too. Let them fill out their forms, get health insurance, and play Madden like the Schmucks they are.