Divorce Lawyers Share The Most Outrageous Reasons Couples Split Up

Marriage is a long road and a lot of people want to get off at the first exit. They fall out of love or find out they’re not actually that compatible. Maybe the stress of raising kids or every day living becomes too much. Maybe someone cheats. There are a lot of legitimate reasons for divorce and most of them are pretty standard (by which I mean boring). Not this list.

Redditor u/dankph asked the subreddit AskReddit for some legal counsel, posting, “Divorce Lawyers of Reddit, what’s the most outrageous reason someone filed for divorce?”

Now, I won’t say that people should try harder to make it work. If you don’t want to be married to someone, you shouldn’t have to be, full stop. But some of the things people got divorced over seem pretty ridiculous from the single side of the fence. Conversely, some of the reasons for divorce that lawyers shared will make you wonder why these people got married in the first place.

The biggest lesson: try living with someone before saying, “I do.” They’re not just your spouse, they’re your roommate. And nothing will make you hate someone faster than sharing a bathroom with them.


Colleague handled a case where money was not an issue but the kids were. Neither parent wanted them.—virtuallEeverywhere


My aunt had a case where the wife had glued all of the outdoor hoses together so he wouldn’t spend more time washing his vehicle anymore. When the glue didn’t work she just cut them all up. When he bought new ones she filed for divorce.—amazinglymorgan


My dad was a divorce lawyer. He had a client who wanted to divorce her husband for 2 reasons: 1) He did not have enough hair on his chest. 2) He did not drive fast enough. Keep in mind this was in the 70’s when chest hair was a bit more important.—Bodhi_ZA


“I didn’t like her anymore” – 2 days after being married.—MaddenMan73


I knew a guy from a high school job who divorced his wife of 2 months because she would sleep with a nightlight but he could only sleep in total darkness, as they apparently never lived together until after getting married.—yeerk_slayer


I’ve had a lot of younger male potential clients come in for divorce consults with their mother. Then, during the consult, the mother does 98% of the talking, and it’s clear who actually wants the divorce. (I’ll usually escort Mom to wait in the lobby while I talk to the son directly, and most of the time he’s just there to appease his mother.)—Elle_Woods


He had an argument with the new inlaws during the wedding and moved out at around 5 am during the first night.—apolloxer


I was a legal assistant when this case came in, but this lady divorced her husband of two months because he got her an iPad case for her birthday instead of the expensive jewelry she wanted.—salamanderlemons


A couple got divorced over a cat. Wife called cat Snowball because of white fur and only wanted the cat to eat wet food or chicken breast.

Husband called cat Lily again because of white fur and believed it should only eat dry food. These two argued for a year over custody of the cat but did not give a sh—t about their human kids aged 15 months, 4 years, and 6 years old.—sxcamaro


Still remember an early case i worked on, man divorced his wife for her Bingo Addiction. 10 to 12 times per week she went to bingo. She was 82 he was 86.

But the all time greatest. two 20 somethings, they were irreconcilable because he kept smoking her weed stash when she wasn’t home.—DRAGONPUTZ


My client put his wife in an assisted living facility based on a misdiagnosis, the medication of which caused the wife to be unable to care for herself.

While in the facility, my client shocker started dating another woman and methinks began using hard drugs. He used a loooot of money on both of these things. She eventually got off the medication and got better. Suffice to say, she was not happy about what had transpired.—cpearc00