Trump’s Botched Salute To A North Korean General Is Both Hypocritical And Painful To Watch

Newly released footage from the North Korean state media propaganda machine shows the absolutely insane moment Donald Trump tries to shake the hand of a North Korean general.

Obtained by BBC, the awkward incident shows Donald Trump extending his hand to the North Korean officer after shaking Kim’s hand. The confused general salutes Trump, who returns the favor, then proceeds to shakes his hand anyway as Kim Jong Un grins maniacally in the background.

A maniacal grin, if ever there was one.

Not only was this a stunning breach of protocol, as described by retired Rear Admiral John Kirby on CNN, it has massive propaganda value for the North Korean government.

“They can see a propaganda value here and this is basically them showing the level of deference and respect that Trump has paid to them and to their military leaders,” Kirby said to CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “It was an inappropriate for him to do from a protocol perspective, but now he’s played right into the North’s propaganda about their legitimacy on the world stage.”

Besides that, Trump’s salute was a remarkable display of outstanding respect to the leaders of a hostile government and — despite the Kim/Trump BFF photos — one that is still very much a U.S. adversary. Though U.S. presidents typically salute their own nation’s service members, saluting member of other nation’s militaries — especially non-allies — is f***ing INSANE.

Kirby explains further how bizarro the moment truly was: “He should have just nodded his head when the general saluted him, and reached out his hand and did a handshake. That’s the appropriate thing.”

“Look, he’s the Commander-in-Chief. He doesn’t even salute his own generals. They salute him. That’s the way it works. And you don’t certainly don’t do it with leaders of foreign militaries. And you most certainly don’t do it with the leaders of foreign militaries of an adversary nation.

Lest we forget, when former Swag Lord President Obama saluted several Marines while holding a coffee cup as he stepped off Marine One, Fox News swooped down on him like a pack of heat-seeking missiles. Some perspective: Obama’s offense involved a chai tea latte, not groveling before the demonic child-killing dictator of a hostile government!


Lest We Forget Part 2, Obama caught heat when he bowed to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah early on in his presidency, for which Trump called him an amateur. HOW IS THERE A TWEET FOR EVERYTHING?

Last year Trump bowed and curtsied to King Abdullah.

But I digress. Twitter had some strong reactions to Trump’s salute/handshake mishap.


The hypocrisy of Trump’s salute was baffling. Sure, there was that time Obama bowed to the Saudi Arabian King and got called a (Muslim?) traitor on Fox News, but in what world is kneeling on a football field LESS patriotic than saluting the general of a murderous dictator? In what world is Canada an enemy, and North Korea worthy of indomitable respect? Oh right, in this upside-down reality trash universe where DONALD TRUMP is America’s commander-in-chief.

We’ll be waiting patiently for Fox News to issue the same apoplectic news coverage they gave Obama’s chai tea latte salute to Trump’s North Korean general salute.