30+ Old People Who Are Just Doing Their Best At This Whole Social Media Thing, OK!?

Old people are so cool, and I type this with no shred of sarcasm. They’ve been through tougher times than you could ever imagine. World wars, famines, divorces, terrorist attacks, you name it!

And they’ve come out on top every time.

Every time but this time. For technology is one landmine old folks have yet to master.

35. This grandpa, who has both good news and bad:

34. This grandma, who has stacked 8 profile pic filters and shows no signs of slowing down:

33. And this one, who showed support for March for Our Lives in her own way:

32. Jeff, who has something to share:

31. And this one, who wants you to KYS.

30. Rob, who has had enough of Best Buy’s nonsense.

29. Phyllis, who needed Walmart to know that she was disappointed:

28. And Lora, who feels quite differently about Walmart:

27. This granny, who does not understand how memes work:

26. Donna, who is more concerned with other things: