Woman Calls Police On Black Man Because His ‘Dog Humped Hers’ At The Dog Park

Another day, another white person calling the police on a POC for existing in the same space as them. This time around, it was two Massachusetts women at a dog park complaining that a black man’s dog had “aggressively humped” one of theirs. You can’t make this stuff up.

A video surfaced Thursday in which a woman is seen calling the Attleboro police during an argument. Franklin Baxley, the man filming the video, repeatedly asks her why she is calling the police, at which point the other woman—since identified as park employee Carol Cobb Ferraro—says, “That’s inappropriate for the dog park.”

“No it’s not!” Baxley answers, adding, “I’ve seen every single dog hump another dog here.”

“You heard of BBQ Becky? Because this is the newest one, right here.”

The woman on the phone lists off Baxley’s license plate number, and he reads hers out loud in turn.

The woman on the phone then tells the police that Baxley “verbally harassed” her. Later in the video, #DogParkDiane (as she has come to be known) defended her behavior by reiterating that Baxley’s dog was harassing hers in that it kept “assaulting” and “humping” her pet.

According to the Daily Mail, police were dispatched to the park but no charges were filed against either Baxley or his canine.

And yet—justice may still prevail. The outlet also reports that Franklin Baxley is a former attorney—and though it doesn’t mention whether he’ll be taking any legal action against #DogParkDiane, he has no doubt in his mind that her behavior was racially motivated.

“If I were not black, she would not have felt threatened by me talking to her and defying her orders for me to leave the park,” said Baxley to the Daily Mail.

“I am a responsible dog owner, and my dog is super friendly. Anyone who goes to that park regularly knows me and will attest to that fact. … The dogs were living their best lives the whole time.”

h/t The Daily Mail