Dog Is Stolen, Found 2,000 Miles Away, And Returned Via 30-Person Relay Team In Time For Christmas

When a Montana family’s beloved dog Zeus was stolen from their home, they weren’t sure if they would ever see him again. But two months and 2000 miles later, a Christmas miracle brought them back together.

9-year-old Zeus was found in West Virginia after a family friend stole the pit bull mix from Cassandra Rasmussen’s home in late October.

“It seems Cassandra, who is a single mom in Butte, Montana, allowed a family friend to come stay with her for a bit,” Chelsea Staley of the Kanawha Charleston Human Association told WOWK. “The ‘friend’ basically robbed her blind: stole her wallet, a number of things while she was at work, including her dog Zeus.”

But the cops finally caught up to the thief—and he still had Zeus with him.

Seeing as pit bulls often aren’t allowed on planes, a tag team of 15 volunteers drove Zeus all the way back to Montana to reunite with Cassandra and her two daughters.

The effort was facilitated by Many Paws Volunteer Transport, a group that works to get rescue animals from high kill shelters into foster or forever homes across the country.

They traveled through nine states to bring Zeus home, and reportedly picked up lots of treats and even some Christmas ornaments for the newly reunited family along the way.

Zeus’s story struck a chord with dog lovers everywhere.

And many didn’t hesitate to call those volunteers who brought Zeus home heroes.

And as one might expect, there was a camera waiting to film the reunion between Zeus and his family at the end of the trip.

ZEUS IS HOME: Stolen Butte pit bull has completed his 2,000 mile journey home and is reunited with his family just in time for Christmas!

Posted by ABC FOX Montana on Monday, December 16, 2019

Of course, actually getting to see the tearful moment where they’re all reunited may not be great for our, um, allergies.

Even though it took months for him to get back to the home and family where he belongs, it’s obvious Zeus had a wonderful adventure once he had embarked upon his return journey with 15 new best friends. And the Rasmussen family was able to celebrate Christmas the way it should be celebratedwith every member of the family safe at home.