Don Cheadle Trolls Trump And Supports Trans Kids With SNL Clothing Choices

Thought it’s been on for decades, as the only national comedy show that’s broadcast live, SNL still manages to make headlines on a regular basis.

While the quality inevitably varies due to how quickly a show gets put together SNL’s timelines allows it to respond to news faster than anyone else around (besides late night talk shows) and, more importantly, to needle those in power in real time.

Being live also means that surprises can happen, like the famous moment in which Sinéad O’Connor tore up a picture of the pope to protest the misdeeds of the Catholic Church.

Actor Don Cheadle used his appearance on SNL this weekend to make a few statements of his own and he chose to do so with his clothing, wearing a t-shirt that read “PROTECT TRANS KIDS” while introducing the musical act, and closing the show while wearing a Soviet hockey jersey with “TRUMP” on the back, a reference to Trump’s many suspicious Russia ties.

The actor was applauded for taking a stand to protect the vulnerable and calling out the powerful at the same time.

Now watch Cheadle have a highly unusual bar fight with Beck Bennett in a funny sketch from Saturday’s show.


h/t: Huffington Post