Don Jr. Calls Teachers ‘Losers’ At His Daddy’s Rally

Donald Trump Jr. is the Happy Meal version of his father: Smaller but just as a gross and dumb.

The kid’s menu Trump displayed that wealth of ignorance yet again at a rally in El Paso, Texas where he spoke before his father made yet another appeal for a Game of Thrones-style border wall.

Praising “young conservatives” Don Jr. told them not to listen to “these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth.”

See? Gross and dumb.

Lil Trump’s remarks come amidst massive strikes being carried out by teachers in Denver and elsewhere across the country as they demand better pay for the vital work that they do.

By and large people respect teachers, who are literally helping to raise and educate their children and doing so for famously craptacular wages, so Don Jr.’s baseless insults did not go over well.

Let it be noted again and again that Don Jr. is the wealthy son of a wealthy son. He was born into generations of wealth and has no business determining economic winners and “losers” in any sense.

h/t: Yahoo News