Don Jr. Makes Extremely Lame #MeToo Joke, Thinks He’s Funny

The Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, has only been going on since Wednesday but already it’s offered up a smorgasbord of idiotic moments, insane claims, and sweaty bigots just begging to be turned into memes.

The latest oily moron to make headlines at the event is none other than Donald Trump Jr. who couldn’t resist making a nonsensical #MeToo joke when in conversation with Jerry Falwell, Jr., the son of yet another famous assh*le.

The gathered nincompoops were trading wise words like “God makes the choice what the babies are gonna be” when Falwell Jr. interjected “Hey you don’t have to raise em as a girl, she’s got a little baby doll right under her arm every second. My boys always had guns in their hands, so we didn’t…” which prompted a grinning Don Jr. to interject “Hashtag MeToo!” while grinning like an idiot.

Immediately after making his little joke Don Jr. looks over at the other panelists for their approval, like he probably did with great longing at his father throughout his entire childhood and 20s.

The joke frankly didn’t make much sense. On the one hand he’s presumably saying “oh yeah, me too, I love guns” but he also wants to cram in some dismissive reference to the progressive hashtag designed to raise awareness about sexual assault so he just sort of forces it in there and hopes incorrectly using a hashtag counts as a joke with this crew.

As if this moment wasn’t enough Falwell Jr. continued on by making a bizarre statement about AOC, saying “just let Alexandria Cortez show up and try to take my cows away” before trailing off.

Consider the cow-talk came right after the gun talk the implications are fairly dark. Then again Falwell Jr. is by all appearances an idiot and, from the way he was slurring his words, may or may not have been drunk while addressing the nation’s brightest conservative minds.

h/t: The Daily Beast