Donald Glover And Rashida Jones Have A New Anti-Sexual Harassment PSA Aimed At Awkward Pervs

Actors Rashida Jones and Donald Glover teamed up with Blue Seat Studios to provide a PSA about sexual harassment in the workplace. Specifically, the animated video sought to educate — though not in an overly didactic manner –workplace behaviors that may not seem blatantly inappropriate but are in fact very much not ok.

Jones, who directed the video, explained to BuzzFeed how Hollywood has seen “extreme versions come to light” recently, but how society as a whole has yet to have a constructive conversation around people who “suffer day to day with these nuances and microaggressions” and who “may not have the language to defend [themselves] against.”

Narrated by Glover, the video seeks to illustrate the typical workplace power dynamic in a four-part sequence: touching people at work, making comments about a coworker’s appearance, dating at work, and witnessing other people’s bad behavior.

Questions range from “Is it OK to greet your coworker with a deep, full body hug or mouth kiss?” to “Is it OK to tell your coworker that you think they look sexy in their pants?” (A resounding “hell no” on both counts.) However, thinking a coworker looks sexy in their pants is okay. See, it’s actually not that hard after all!

The video also addresses “where things start to get confusing.”For example, when asking someone out at work, it is vital to consider what kind of power dynamic exists and whether the person asking has a more secure job.

Glover encourages employees to speak up when they see inappropriate behavior because it’s truly everyone’s problem.

Jones wanted to make sure the video was accessible and somewhat lighthearted. Hence Glover suggesting that if you still find yourself confused on what exactly constitutes appropriate workplace behavior, head to “www.dontpullyour*bleep*outatwork.obviously” for more information.