Donald Trump Calls Fox News Fake News In Furious Twitter Rant

After pretty much all of Trump’s allies turned on him after he caved on the border wall and the government shutdown, the President took to Twitter Sunday to lash out at his old best buddies: Fox News.

In his first tweet, Trump accuses Fox News commentators John Roberts and Gillian Turner of having a poorer understanding of the negotiations around the border wall than his favorite news media punching bags CNN & NBC. This is almost certainly true, but not for the reason Trump thinks.

Trump originally tagged some random lady with a locked Twitter account in the place of Gillian Turner, but quickly deleted that and replaced it.

Trump has been citing a single poll with the supposed 19 percent increase in approval among Hispanic individuals for several days. However, a closer look at the study finds that the sample size of Hispanics polled is so low that the margin of error is 9.9 points. The key finding of that poll, which Trump conveniently ignores, is that only 30 percent of people polled said they would vote for him in 2020.

Despite breaking yet another promise related to his wall by re-opening the government before his demanded funding was secured, Trump insists that he will get it built.

It seems that lots of people really think he won’t build the wall, including Ann Coulter and other former Trump worshipers. This isn’t the first time that Fox News has criticized Trump despite becoming little more than the Trump Propaganda Network. They also disapproved of his sudden declaration that he was pulling all U.S. troops out of Syria. He didn’t like that, either.

Does Trump have any friends left? Not on Twitter, he doesn’t.

Unable to handle the idea that their idol of white supremacy is losing all support, die hard Trump supporters are instead turning on Fox News.

This is just getting sad.