This Donald Trump Jr. Meme About Democratic Women Is Being Torn To Shreds

Here’s a mystery: Why do conservatives suck so bad at memes?

Particularly repeat offender Donald Trump Jr., who took a break from posting thirsty memes clamoring for dad’s affection on Instagram to post a meme trying to “own” Democratic women on Twitter.

Following the State of the Union address on Wednesday, the president’s son tweeted a photo of the suffragette-white-clad women overlaid with the words “NOT ONE AMERICAN FLAG AMONG THEM” to his 3.3 million followers.

“Speaks for itself and no one is at all surprised,” he wrote in the caption along with three exclamation points.

Nobody had the time or energy to point out that pro-woman and anti-American are not synonymous. Instead, folks replied to Trump Jr. in a manner even he could understand: by sharing a photograph he had posted of his own family right before the address.

Besides looking like a promo for the next installment of the Purge franchise, the photo is noticeably lacking American flag pins. In fact, not one of the seven individuals in the picture— including Trump Jr. himself—is wearing an American flag pin.

A strange omission for the First Family on State of the Union night. One could almost say that it…speaks for itself and no one is at all surprised.

Though a picture isn’t really “speaking for itself” if it requires a caption.

The retorts came swiftly.

Lay off the memes, Donny. And remember: actions speak louder than pins.