Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Supreme Court Nominee’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victim In Instagram Post

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s most outspokenly stupid adult son, loves social media just like his dad. And, thanks to his dad’s toxic fanbase, he thinks he’s pretty good at it! He’s not. In fact, his rampant social media use might have been one of the factors that contributed to his divorce. The only upside to Don Jr.’s Twitter & Instagram addiction is that he regularly makes a complete fool out of himself, like when he posted a clearly doctored picture touting a fake approval rating for daddy dearest.

Recently, news broke that Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault in high school. His accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, wrote a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein last July outlining the assault. In it, she claims to have received therapy for the incident, a fact which reporters have corroborated with notes from her therapists.

But Don Jr.—a man who thinks reposting MAGA memes is a decent substitute for political argument—thinks he’s finally found a way to knock down the accusations. He posted an image mocking the alleged assault to his Instagram account over the weekend and unlike the fake approval rating for his father, this one’s still up.


The caption reads, “Oh boy… the Dems and their usual nonsense games really have him on the ropes now. Finestein [sic] had the letter in July and saved it for the eve of his vote… honorable as always. I believe this is a copy for full transparency.”

In non-MAGA land (AKA the real world) Don Jr.’s little rape joke didn’t go over so well.

Rather than being a harmless childlike overture as Junior’s post suggests, Kavanaugh’s alleged crime was a physical sexual assault. In her letter to Sen. Feinstein, Ford wrote,

“Kavanaugh physically pushed me into a bedroom as I was headed for a bathroom up a short stair well from the living room. They locked the door and played loud music precluding any successful attempt to yell for help.

Kavanaugh was on top of me while laughing with [REDACTED], who periodically jumped onto Kavanaugh. They both laughed as Kavanaugh tried to disrobe me in their highly inebriated state. With Kavanaugh’s hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently kill me.”

Ford provided more details to The Washington Post in an interview,

“While his friend watched, she said, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it. When she tried to scream, she said, he put his hand over her mouth.

‘I thought he might inadvertently kill me,’ said Ford, now a 51-year-old research psychologist in northern California. ‘He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.’”

While this should go without saying, locking a woman in a room, nearly suffocating her, and grinding your body against hers while attempting to strip her naked is not just a harmless childhood prank. Thinking otherwise says more about Don Jr. and the morally rotten GOP than it does about anyone else.

Kavanaugh said he’s willing to testify again under oath and at least one Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Jeff Flake, has said the committee vote should be delayed (it’s currently scheduled for this Thursday). Key swing votes in the Senate, Sens. Collins and Murkowski, have said they need more information to evaluate the new accusations.

Any two of those Senators could prevent Kavanaugh from being confimed, should his nomination reach the floor. If they don’t then we’ll have an accused sexual assaulter appointed to a lifetime position by a confessed (serial) sexual assaulter who will limit women’s rights and reproductive freedom for generations.

h/t: Huffington Post