Donald Trump Mocked For Calling Himself A “Young Vibrant Man”

Donald Trump called himself a “young vibrant man” and “the youngest person” during an interview with reporters on the White House lawn in which he was asked how old is too old to be President of the United States. Trump, 72 and the oldest person to be the U.S. President, brought up Joe Biden, who is 76. However, instead of simply pointing out that his latest opponent for the 2020 election is older than he is, Trump (being Trump) had to take it a step further and claim that he is not only young, but “the youngest.”

Does Trump know that there is a minimum age limit to being President?

Trump has a history of declaring himself the best at just about anything that comes up in any conversation, especially when he’s being filmed. This time, however, he seems to have mistaken “young” for “good” and forgotten that not only are there much younger candidates running for his seat, it’s pretty easy to say that he’s not the youngest person in the country. There are some newborn babies he should talk to.

Trump did eventually answer the question, saying “I would never say anyone is too old.” That’s good of him to say, seeing as recent polls show that both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, 77, are polling ahead of him by several points.

Biden responded to Trump’s claim of youth and vibrancy on The View later by cracking a very Biden joke.

“If he looks young and vibrant compared to me, I should probably go home.”

Not a bad burn, Biden, but Twitter is doing even better.

Maybe Donald would like to prove his statement with some kind of fitness contest against Joe Biden? That would definitely go well for one of them.