Donald Trump Gets Roasted For Misspelling Word That’s Literally In His Job Title

It’s sometimes tempting to assume that Donald Trump doesn’t write his own tweets but that his staff uses the President’s 50 million followers for strategic messaging and to affect media narratives.

But then he misspells a simple word like “hamburger” and you remember that he does indeed write them himself, apparently with autocorrect disabled.

This time it was the five letter word “chief” that tripped the President up. Yes a word that’s literally part of his job title, as commander in chief, apparently caused a senior moment. Trump was responding to a news story that the U.S. paid North Korea some $2 million for the medical care of Otto Warmbier, the American who was held prisoner in the dictatorship before falling into a coma and later dying.

Trump denied the report, somehow managed to bring up Obama, and attributed a praising quote about himself to the “Cheif Hostage Negotiator, USA!”

People were so distracted by “cheif” that most overlooked that Trump had also misspelled the word “terrorist,” which he spelled “terroist.” Damn, dude.

Some wondered if the unnamed and misspelled “Cheif Hostage Negotiator” cited by Trump even exists…