20 Of The Sickest Burns On Trump And His Cronies You Might Have Missed

It isn’t difficult to dunk on Donald Trump, his entire administration, and the media pundits who carry all of the aforementioned on their weary backs. After all, every new day brings with it an outrageous misstep, rude comment, or easily-refuted lie.

As a result, it’s easy to miss many of the dumbest things said—and the smartest replies— to the various players in our current political climate. Here 20 of the sickest burns on Donald Trump and all his cronies from the last few weeks that you may have missed.

1. This Angela Merkel side-eye:

2. This accidental Ivanka own:

3. This funeral prediction:

4. This scientific logic:

5. This nostalgic throwback:

6. This profitable investment:

7. This NBD:

8. This Jimmy Kimmel clap back:

9. This apt comparison:

10. And this one: