Donald Trump Sure Seems Afraid Of Joe Biden In His Latest Twitter Tantrum

As has been noted many times in the past, Donald Trump has no chill. Our thin-skinned president is a walking ball of fear and rage who immediately lashes out at anyone or anything that makes him feel threatened.

Therefore instead of focusing on leading the country he regularly takes the time to bash his former rival Hillary Clinton and his current rivals like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, even though the election is still a long way off. Now another challenger has entered the fray in the form of former Vice President Joe Biden and the presence of another old white guy in the race appears to have Trump shook.

After Biden held a rally and received the endorsement of the firefighter’s union on Monday, Trump raced to Twitter to bash both unions and Biden, who he’s lamely nicknamed “Sleepy Joe.”

Trump specifically mentioned Biden’s rally, as though the idea of someone other than him having rallies was personally threatening. NO THEY LOVE ME MORE!!!

As usual Trump was trying to have things both ways, bashing the very concept of unions with their “Dues Sucking” leadership while simultaneously claiming that the firefighters themselves support him.

He was immediately fact-checked on his claims, including his claim that the steel industry is “thriving.”

And on his claims that union membership supports him…

As many simply noted, Trump’s insecurity was showing.

Of course the same firefighter’s union, the International Association of Firefighters, also endorsed John Kerry in 2004 and Chris Dodd in 2008 so it’s possible Trump has nothing to worry about.

Who the hell knows.

h/t: CNN