Donald Trump Makes A Weird Sound In Satirical Video And People Are Confused

President Donald Trump often makes weird faces and odd sounds when he’s speaking. He sniffed strangely during the debates. He mispronounces words. This is nothing new. But today, a satirical doctored video of Trump making the weirdest “th” sound and accompanying face has gone viral, because of how very strange and unsettling and funny and gross it is.

It’s really something, and that’s saying a lot.

There it is. You don’t want to, but you’re probably going to find yourself compelled to watch it several times over.

What is he saying? And why is he saying it like that? Is he not actually saying anything, and really just making that noise at reporters? What is GOING ON?? I was far from the only person confused as all get out by this.

Someone suggested he was saying “thank you” but…um…wow.

Even though it’s an edited video, Twitter took the clip and ran with it, cracking jokes and just generally making fun of Trump.

A lot of people compared him to a snake, which I can see because he’s hissing, but that’s honestly pretty rude to snakes.

Someone else referenced the time Trump threw rolls of paper towels at people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Classic.

This is completely true.

Other people just found it hilarious.

This comparison to Hannibal Lechter would be apt, except Trump is no genius.

Our investigation into this has surfaced that it is indeed a doctored video, done as a joke. Isn’t it amazing how funny comedians can be when they use video editing to make humorous videos? And isn’t it sad that so many people could so easily believe that the President of the United States would hiss at reporters like this?

This doctored video is clearly a work of brilliant political satire.

Update: The creator of the doctored video has confirmed that he indeed slowed down the video and added a cat’s hissing sound, along with questions about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to make the video seem like it had just happened today:


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.