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Teacher Posts Rant Chiding Parents Who Yell At Their Kids Before School

Back to school can be rough on parents and children, but it can be a struggle for teachers as well. One frustrated teacher gave some advice on Imgur about how to start your kid’s day off right—and help their teacher do the best job possible.

Do. Not. Yell. At. Them. Before. School.

“Listen up. If you have kids in school, make the last thing they hear from you something happy. Don’t b*tch at them or get on to them in the morning before they get on the bus…no matter what. It can wait until after school,” she wrote.


“Kids are brutal enough so they don’t need their f*king parents giving them sh*t all the time, too. Stick a note in their lunch box or in their backpack. Tell them you love them and you hope they have a wonderful day. Tell them you’re thinking about them. Tell a joke or say something funny.”


As a teacher, she writes, she is constantly managing the emotional lives of her students. She is on the frontline of helping them process and cope with arguments.

“I’m usually the first person they see in the morning. Some of them have been crying. If I put my arm around them and ask them “What’s up” they say they got in trouble for their outfit or their hair. Pick your f*cking battles and pick them after school.”

Users agreed, sharing their own advice on sending their children off for the day.

“I was one of those kids. If you want your children to do well, don’t send them to school distracted like that. Breeds anxiety and doubt,” said techmaggot.

Another teacher shared her own advice, about how her kids love to find little notes in their lunch.

“I work in a prek-5th grade elementary and the kiddos loooooove notes in their lunchboxes. Even the older kiddos,” said mialynneb.

“Every day I tell my kids the same thing, ‘Good Luck! Kick Ass!’ Still makes them smile,” said Coronus.

Next time you’re frustrated in the morning and your kid is more interested in running around than having breakfast and getting ready, take a deep breath and think about how you can help them get their day off to a good start. And maybe stick a note in their lunch bag to give them a little pick-me-up at lunchtime.