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Dude Asks Date To Repay Him For Drinks Because She Didn’t Sleep With Him

Why does meeting people have to be so difficult? Why can’t there just be a way that we can tell if someone is going to be a terrible person, like maybe they should have to wear signs announcing themselves so we know to steer clear?

A Twitter user named Chlo Matthews (@chlojmatthews8) posted a screenshot of a text convo she had with a dude she met in a bar the night before.

It looks like she texted him first, since he wasn’t sure who it was. When Matthews reminded the guy, in her phone as “Danny from Atik” (the name of the bar), what he did is almost unthinkable.

He actually asked her to reimburse him for drinks he’d bought her since they didn’t go home together.

Yes. That really and truly happened. Can you believe the nerve??

Along with the screengrab, Matthews wrote, “Chlo Matt is officially retiring from nights out,” and honestly, can you blame her?

The responses on Twitter were hilarious.

People had a few ideas of what she should have replied back (or still could reply back, since she didn’t indicate whether she sent him a response).

Others joked about what would have happened had they actually gone out to eat together.

Ladies, just let this be a warning: next time a guy tries to buy you drinks, think about whether you want to be paying him back the next day because you decided not to sleep with him. Makes buying your own drinks sound a whole lot more attractive, doesn’t it?


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.