Elizabeth Warren Wants To Abolish The Electoral College And People Are Here For It

As we all know, in 2016 Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton but was elected president due a feature of the American electoral system known as the Electoral College. Under the Electoral College whoever wins the majority of votes cast in a state wins the entire state and its allotted electoral votes, other 1-49.9% of voters’ wishes be damned. The minority votes in a given state, therefore, are counted but don’t count.

There’s a lot of frustration with this system and Massachusetts Senator and 2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren gave voice to those feelings in a recent appearance, saying the Electoral College should be abolished.

Speaking at a town hall in Jackson, Mississippi, Warren criticized the fact that presidential candidates rarely come to states like Mississippi because, thanks to the Electoral College, it’s not a battleground state, saying it was the same situation for California and her state of Massachusetts.

Due to the Electoral College a blue vote in a red state doesn’t count and vice versa. That’s why  nobody seems to like the Electoral Collage except representatives and residents of small-population states that currently wield disproportionate power.

In her remarks Warren talked about doing away with voter suppression laws and gave her opinion on the Electoral College, saying “Every vote matters” and  “we need to make sure that every vote counts.”

Warren is the first 2020 candidate to come out so forcefully against the Electoral College and people were excited.

Of course the Electoral College has its defenders and not everyone was in agreement.

But most observers were on board.