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Parents Celebrate Becoming ‘Empty Nesters’ In Hilarious Viral Photoshoot

When we imagine parents whose kids are leaving home to go to college, we often imagine them being bummed out that they’re going to be all alone—hence, the phrase “empty nesters.” But not these parents. These parents legitimately could not be more excited to finally reclaim their home.

A Twitter user named Mr D (@DarronDiesel) tweeted a photoshoot of a couple of “empty nesters” who it seems like couldn’t be happier that the birds were leaving the nest.

Look at this couple!

The roasting of the kids is savage!

They were seriously going for it, even saying that the pets were their “favorite kids.”

They basically threw themselves a ticker tape parade.

A few people on Twitter revealed that their parents had acted similarly when they left home.

And a few parents said they couldn’t wait to do the same thing.

People loved the part about the dogs being better than the kids.

Some folks had a theory about one of the dogs.

Twitter also loved the brutal “just kidding” picture.

And at least one person brought up the fact that these parents were probably not done with kids forever because inevitably there will be…grandkids!

Although luckily the grandkids will probably live somewhere else!


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.