Eric Trump Brags About Teaching His Son ‘Philanthropy’ With Zero Sense Of Irony

Eric Trump took to Twitter today to post photos of his surprisingly cute son, Luke. He could have just left it at that, but instead, the same guy who stole money from cancer patients for golf used the opportunity to brag that he was teaching his son about giving.

If you’ve forgotten, as Eric clearly has, the Eric Trump Foundation was exposed in 2017 for funneling money from the charity organization into “family businesses.” Forbes reported that $1.2 million in funds that were supposed to go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital instead went to not just a single Trump golf course, but a single one-day golf event. This event was supposedly meant to raise more money for charity, but experts are stumped on how one single day of charity golfing could use up that much cash.

“Golf charity experts say the listed expenses defy any reasonable cost justification for a one-day golf tournament,” the Forbes article reads.

The Eric Trump Foundation appears to still be under federal investigation. And Eric has the nerve to tweet about “philanthropy.”

As is to be expected, Twitter pounced.

Can we get this poor kid a better family for Christmas? At least his dad isn’t teaching him to shoot endangered animals and pose with their dead bodies like a creepy coward yet. Oh, and at least little Luke isn’t sitting in a prison camp after being separated from his parents at the border after his entire family had to flee their home after U.S. interference and horrible drug policies ruined their country. But sure, Eric. Philanthropy.