Eric Trump Accused Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Of ‘Utter Disrespect’ And It Backfired Spectacularly

Donald Trump pitched a little hissy fit on Twitter on Monday, blasting his former lawyer Michael Cohen for cooperating with Mueller investigation while praising his “dirty tricks” guy Roger Stone for, uh, stonewalling. Kellyanne Conway’s husband George noted that because Trump has pardon power and a history of using it to reward political allies, this could constitute witness tampering.

Last night Eric Trump (AKA the “smart” one) decided to come to Kellyanne Conway’s defense in the wake of her husband’s latest broadside against his wife’s boss.

Obviously a condemnation of “ugliness” in politics followed by a preachy lecture on respecting wives was a little rich coming from the son of Donald Trump and the brother of Donald Trump Jr., both of whom cheated on their wives and routinely engage in the most toxic political behavior imaginable.

It also gave people the opportunity to bring up Eric Trump’s alleged role in defrauding a children’s cancer charity in order to pad the family’s bank accounts.

And while we’re inserting ourselves into other people’s family business, I’d just like to point out that Donald Trump not only disrespected Eric’s mother by carrying on an affair, he did so publicly in a humiliating fashion. Donald Trump’s “respect” for Eric’s mom is so legendary, he orchestrated smear attacks against her in the local gossip rags. And let’s not forget about the rape and abuse charges against Trump from Ivana’s book.

George Conway had the last laugh, though retweeting some choice burns at Trump’s expense:


When someone you attacked can respond to simply by picking and choosing from the thousands upon thousands of willingly offered counterattacks, you know you screwed up. Real “Don Jr.” move there, Eric! (I guess this is another reason Ivanka is daddy’s favorite.)