Evan Rachel Wood Just Destroyed A Twitter Troll Who Insulted Her Acting

Being in the spotlight comes with plenty of problems. The paparazzi is always hounding you, gossip mags dissect your every move, and online trolls are always there to question, criticize, and insult your work. It’s a lot to deal with, and not everyone knows how to handle the intense scrutiny that comes with fame. Thankfully, Evan Rachel Wood’s been in the game for years and she knows exactly how to shut down trolls.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood has had an amazing career spanning decades and winning nominations and awards for her stellar performances.


She got her start in acting when she was a kid, and was nominated for a Golden Globe her starring role in Thirteen in 2003 when she was only 16.

She currently stars as futuristic robot host ‘Dolores’ in HBO’s Westworld, a complex character reconciling her newfound sentience with the past memories of a life that was not her own.


SPOILER ALERT: This season she’s leading an uprising of robot hosts and last night’s episode suggests an intriguing storyline where she clashes with another sentient host with similar goals but a different approach. It’s shaping up to be a pretty interesting season.

Portraying a character like this in a sprawling, big-budget dramatic series takes serious acting chops, but unfortunately that’s not good enough for her Twitter trolls:


Wood wasted no time clapping back, challenging her hater to put up or shut up:


She’s giving him a chance to back off! Most people would probably just apologize at this point and move on, but not this guy…

The Twitter troll took the bait and got slammed in a way Dolores would be proud of:


Gotta boost those empathy stats, my dude.

Unfortunately, her troll wasn’t done and just kept digging himself deeper:


And, my friends, she WENT IN on him, absolutely unloading:



Ouch, now that’s how it’s done folks.

Evan Rachel Wood is most definitely unreal.

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