People Are Sharing What They Didn’t Realize Was Expensive Until They Were Adults And It’s Damn Near Everything

If we’re lucky, we have parents who mostly shield us from the harsh reality of money until we’re at least old enough to get a summer job. Some families don’t have that luxury. But even if your folks were scrambling, they were the ones holding the bills. It’s not uncommon to get to adulthood before you realize what some of the stuff you took for granted as a kid actually cost. It’s shocking! And kind of funny when you think about what you put your folks through over the energy bill.

Twitter user @_Shadjay asked his followers, “What’s one item you didn’t realize was expensive until you became an adult?” and they were ready with answers. Some are funny, some are a little sad—healthcare bills shouldn’t be such a shockingly high number. All are too, too real.

First, folks paused just to send a prayer of thanks back in time to their parents who managed to keep them alive at all:

Then they got into it, starting with what a money suck having a car can be:

The holidays murder everyone’s wallets. Joy and cheer, my butt:


Health and body maintenance, especially those little pieces of bone in your mouth:

Bedding, the place where we’re supposed to rest and not think about money because we’re unconscious:

Really, anything that makes the house look nice is going to be pricey AF:

Okay, so basically everything:

Damn. I’m gonna order some take out.