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This Artist’s Extremely Detailed Balloon Sculptures Will Put Any Clown To Shame

This isn’t a popular statement, but clowns at zoos suck. There you are, admiring God’s greatest creations and marveling at their beauty, when a clown walks up and asks if you want your own balloon animal. You say “sure” and the next thing you know you’re holding a travesty of a giraffe in your hands, ruefully handing over $5 and wishing you were never born.

However, artist Masayoshi Matsumoto makes balloon animals so lifelike, they should get their own exhibits at the zoo.

He’s been making balloon sculptures for over 10 years now and what sets him apart is his dedication to the medium:

“My creations are one hundred percent balloon-only. I don’t use any adhesive, marker pens, or anything else.”

After carefully planning and designing each piece, Matsumoto says the actual balloon sculpting can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.

Matsumoto’s skill in his craft is certainly a thing to behold.

1. Giant Squid

All photos: Masayoshi Matsumoto

2. Cuckoo Wasp

3. Ermine

4. Great Blue Turaco

5. Blobfish

6. Horned Puffin

7. Poodle

8. Mudskipper

9. Kakapo

10. Walrus

11. Green Python

12. Diving Beetle

13. Rooster

14. Pygmy Jerboa

15. Pangolin

16. Cockatoo

17. Horned Owl

18. Weevil

19. Tufted Puffin

20. Echidna

21. Bee

22. Kiwi

23. Isopod

24. Football Fish

25. Jewel Beetle

26. Flamingo

27. Emperor Penguin Chick

28. Bison

29. Mantidfly

30. Cassowary

31. Violin Beetle

32. Japanese Paradise Flycatcher

33. Assassinfly

34. Pelican

35. Slipper Lobster

36. Camel Spider

37. Crab

38. Shoebill Stork

39. Orchid Mantis

40. Egret

41. Dobsonfly

You can see more of his work here.