Female Pilot Shares The Sexist Comments Made About Her & Her Response Is Making Us All Say ‘You Go, Girl’

When will we get out of the 1800’s?

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t we already live in 2018? Well, not really, once you see what these guys are saying. Because even though we have made leaps, many people are still sexist as hell.

Especially when it comes to professionals that are mostly dominated by males. However, it is incredible to see so many women breaking the barrier and doing what they want with their lives. I only hope that people were more supportive of this.

But many men still like to make ‘jokes’ at our expense.

However, in planes, there is a lot of casual sexism that I personally can’t stand for.

It might have been a normal day for Charlotte; Her colleagues, however, were not okay with casual sexism.

Why is this normal indeed!?

And yet people like to point that there is a difference when there is not.

These kinds of comments make me quite sad.

Other Twitter users joined in to tell their own stories.

She really is an inspirational woman to all of us!

Never heard that before.

Will keep that in mind when someone tries to do this kind of thing.

Oh wow.

It honestly doesn’t matter what gender your pilot is. It’s all the same.

I definitely would have done that.

If only everyone thought like that.

These people should really come out of that time by now.

Have you ever experienced casual sexism? If so, why not comment down below and let us know?

This article was originally published on RearFront.