25 Of The Funniest Flat Earth Memes Of 2018

Those who call themselves members of the Flat Earth Society believe that because the Earth looks and feels flat, it actually is flat. Scientific evidence to the contrary is disregarded and willfully ignored; NASA is a government organization whose only purpose is to spread the “round Earth conspiracy” via doctored images, GPS devices are rigged to trick pilots into believing the Earth is curved, a fake space program makes a lot more financial sense than a real one, etc.

To each his own. Everyone is allowed to believe in whatever the heck they want. And everyone is allowed to make whatever the heck memes in response to those beliefs. Without further ado…

1. This wild anomaly:

2. This valid question:

3. And this one:

4. This unique vantage point:

5. This belief system:

6. This unfair beauty standard:

7. This feline truth:

8. This apt analogy:

9. This time-zone explanation:

10. This forbidden image: