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Genius Made Flip Flops Out Of Trump’s Hypocritical Tweets And They Sold Out In No Time

We’re almost halfway through the national embarrassment of Trump’s first (and hopefully only) presidential term, so you’re no doubt familiar with the Twitter trope “there’s always a tweet.” Because Trump—along with the Republican Party—has become completely unrestrained by the political norm that politicians should have some sort of consistency in public policy positions or statements, there are scores of old tweets from the president that contradict his current agenda.

Sure, changing positions and charges of hypocrisy are (uncelebrated) political norms in their own right, but Trump’s lack of principles, blunt style, and tendency to tweet his every thought throw his contradictory positions on a whole host of issues into stark relief.

Here are a few Obama-era tweets that aged like a fine milk during the Trump presidency:

Sam Morrison decided to turn Trump’s metaphorical flip-flops into actual flip flops, printing the president’s contradictory tweets on slides:

Business Insider/Sam Morrison

Morrison handmade every pair, complete with Trump’s orange hair flip on the logo.

Business Insider/Sam Morrison

There are flip flops highlighting Trump’s Syria policy:

President Flip Flops

Flip flops about the worth of the Electoral College:

President Flip Flops

And flip flops about relying on reports from unnamed sources:

President Flip Flops

The venture paid off for Morris—he sold out of the 1000 pairs of the initial run in weeks. He also says 10% of the profits are going to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Business Insider/Sam Morrison

If you want your own pair of President Flip Flops, you’re gonna have to steal them from someone who snapped a pair up from the initial run. Due to the labor-intensive process of making them, Morrison has no plans for an additional run calling the footwear “permanently sold out.”

h/t: Business Insider


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