Florida Police Officer Relieved Of Duty After Putting Black Woman Who Called for Help in a Headlock

A Florida police officer has been suspended after a video showed him roughly pinning down and handcuffing a black woman who had called the cops for help dealing with a neighbor. Well, Florida’s gonna Florida.

Dyma Loving, 26, and her friend Adrianna Green, 22, had been called “whores” on Tuesday by Green’s neighbor, whom police reports identified as Frank Tumm. The women ignored the insult, but the abusecontinued, and Green ended up throwing a potted plant into his yard. It was at that point that Tumm, who is white, grabbed his shotgun and told Loving he would “shoot [her] burnt black-ass face off [her] neck,” according to the Miami New Times.

The women reportedly fled and then called 911. No fewer than five Miami-Dad Police officers showed up, speaking first with Loving and Green and then with Tumm.

And then Officer Alejandro Giraldo arrived and “started interrogating us like we were the suspects, Loving told the New Times. “I asked if he could escort us back to my friend’s house so I could put myphone on a charger and call my children. I had just had my life threatened and was terrified.” She continued, “He was so rude and aggressive from the get-go. He kept telling me I needed to calm down, but I was so scared at that moment.”

Green started filming the video, which begins with Giraldo saying Loving needs to be “Baker Acted.” It sounds like he’s saying “be corrected,” but Loving explained that he was actually saying she needed to be evaluated at a mental hospital. The Baker Act is a Florida law that allows for temporary detention and emergency mental health services for people who are impaired due to mental illness.

Giraldo then goes for Loving, who is not acting out of control whatsoever, grabbing her wrists and handcuffing her before putting her into a headlock and pinning her to the ground. Then two of the officers pulled Loving up and dragged her to their car.

Meanwhile, Green asked an officer, “Why does he have to handle her like that? She didn’t do anything wrong?” The officer responds, “I understand, but when he’s giving her orders and saying she’s being disorderly, she needs to calm down.”

Green replies, “But she wasn’t being disorderly, though. It’s just him thinking he can use his authority to do what he wants to do. And that’s not cool. And this shit is going to get dealt with. Y’all not going to keep abusing your authority like that. There’s ways to do it. … He knows she wasn’t trying to get all crazy. She just got a gun pulled on her.”

“He made me feel like nothing,” Loving said to the New Times. “I don’t feel safe anymore. I cry every day. I have kids, and I wonder, Who will protect them if something would happen to them? I could never call the police again.”

She continued, “Yes, I was yelling, but my adrenaline was pumping — I almost just lost my life. I never threatened anyone. I was just pleading to speak with my kids.”

According to police reports, Tumm, who if you’ll remember was the one who pulled the gun on the women, wasn’t detained. But Loving was taken to jail on charges of disorderly conduct (?) and resisting arrest (??) and eventually released after posting bail of $150.

A police report of the incident referred to Loving as “acting belligerent” and said she “would not obey commands.” It also said she “became further upset, very irate, and uncooperative” and then “began to scream at us causing a scene.”

Juan Perez, the director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, tweeted on Wednesday that Giraldo had been suspended while the matter was investigated. He wrote, “I find the actions depicted on the video deeply troubling and in no way reflective of our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness.”

h/t: Miami New Times


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.