Just 30+ Hilariously Savage Tweets Roasting Melania Trump’s Tone-Deaf Jacket

Melania Trump’s surprise visit to McAllen, TX on Thursday caused a veritable social media meltdown. The purpose of FLOTUS’ trip was to witness firsthand the conditions in the migrant detention facilities and to report back to the president with her impressions.

Instead, the focus of her trip wound up being her jacket. The First Lady was photographed boarding the plane to McAllen wearing a $39 Zara jacket that read “I really don’t care, do u?” on the back, which most people agreed was tone-deaf at best and downright evil at worst.

Conservative media quickly jumped to the First Lady’s defense, castigating “liberal snowflakes” for getting “worked up” over “just a jacket,” all memory of their exhausting “news” coverage of former President Obama’s tan suit seemingly forgotten.

Simultaneously the best and worst thing about Melania Trump’s jacket choice is the fact that there is literally no scenario in which donning it would be appropriate. The First lady bought a $39 Zara garment stating how little she cares to wear to…what? Where? For what possible purpose?

According to Donald Trump, FLOTUS’ outfit choice was directed at the “Fake News Media,” which to the Trump administration refers to every national news network besides Fox News.

To be fair, FLOTUS’ jacket — though no doubt a cartoonishly villainous choice for a first lady to wear at any point in her life  — was nowhere to be seen within the actual shelter, only on FLOTUS’ way to it. Nonetheless, the idea that the Trump White house is more concerned with trolling the libz than with helping our nation in any way is unsettling and really just kind of sad.