Trump To Appoint Former Fox News Host As U.S. Ambassador To United Nations

Sources are confirming that the new U.S. ambassador to the U.N. will be former Fox News blonde lady Heather Nauert. She’ll replace Nikki Haley after she became yet another in a parade of people in Trump’s White House to flee the scene.

Nauert began her “journalism” career in 1996, spending the majority of her professional years as a contributor and later correspondent for Fox News. Her entire political career consists of being the U.S. State Department spokesperson for under a year and then Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs for less than nine months before this new appointment as ambassador for the entire country to the United Nations.

In her short time in the White House, Nauert has drawn criticism for cozying up to the Saudis. Not two months ago she posted a photo on her Instagram account of herself smiling happily at the Royal Court in Saudi Arabia shortly after Jamal Khashoggi, the journalist who was murdered and dismembered after criticizing the Saudi government, went missing. The Instagram post was called “stunningly tone-deaf” by commenters.

She also voiced support for Saudi Arabia’s role in Yemen in April 2018. Months later, when the country expelled the Canadian ambassador and froze trade with Canada because they demanded the release of an imprisoned human rights activist, Nauert pulled a “there’s good people on both sides.”

“It is up for the Government of Saudi Arabia and the Canadians to work this out. Both sides need to diplomatically resolve this together. We cannot do it for them.”

Sounds like an ideal Trump pick.

Twitter users are not thrilled by Nauert’s meager qualifications, but also not surprised.