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Former Mormons Blast Youth Dance Flyer For Its Sexist Standards

The Mormon Church is amongst the most insular and conservative Christian sects. That’s partly because they basically have an entire state populated with members, and everything there is run by the strictures of the Church’s values. Those values are outdated, to put it mildly.

There’s a podcast called Latter Day Lesbian Podcast which is run by two former members of the Latter-day Saints. They try to discuss issues in the Mormon Church especially from their own unique perspective of being gay (another big no-no for Mormons).

The show’s Twitter account shared a picture of a flyer titled “First Dance Kit” that is meant to be full of advice for young ladies going to their first dance. It starts with this suggestion:

“Get ready for the dance. Paint your nails, wear a little lip gloss and don’t forget to brush your teeth!”

first dance kit mormon

Already weird, but from there it delves into darker territory. The podcast captioned the photo of the flyer with, “Rape culture, courtesy of Mormon youth dances. This and other equally horrible flyers are commonly given to 14-year-old Mormon girls from the leaders they look up to at church. Mormon parents, please tell your daughter’s leaders that this is 100% unacceptable.”

The “rape culture” sections are highlighted. One basically says not to dress suggestively, because it will make boys wonder what’s wrong with you. The other section the podcast emphasized was about never saying no to a boy who asks you to dance because he had the “courage to walk over” and ask. Nos are not allowed, ladies!

This flyer is all too familiar to women who have been in the Mormon Church, and they came out to share their stories about how this advice ruined dances for them:

This flyer is pretty explicit in how hypocritical and misogynistic it is, but “rape culture” is a part of the entire world, not just one religion. We should all push back on directives that tell people their boundaries don’t mean anything and that they owe other people a “yes.” You don’t. And you don’t need to wear lip gloss either.