Formerly Anti-Vaxx Mom Shares Why She Decided To Vaccinate Her Kids

A 30 year old mother has explained why she decided to vaccinate her children despite having been unvaccinated herself growing up.

In a Facebook post that, somewhat ironically, went “viral,” Abbey Clint, of Pennsylvania, shared photos of her children at the doctor’s office and explained her own experience with vaccines and her current views on vaccinating children against preventable diseases such as the measles.

Her reasons are what most rational people would probably expect: She doesn’t want her kids to get sick.

In her post Clint wrote that she was “proud to vaccinate,” despite having been raised without vaccinations herself, adding “preventative maintenance saves co-pays and saves lives.”

“Madelyn got her shots today! I grew up unvaccinated before it was cool. I’ve had to catch up on my inoculations with each pregnancy. Glad I didn’t catch measles while pregnant! Glad my babies don’t need to suffer through preventable infectious diseases. Preventative maintenance saves co-pays and saves lives. Proud to vaccinate!”

Clint told BuzzFeed News that the post was an effort to push back at the anti-vaxx content she was seeing around her, saying:

“There’s a lot of anti-vax memes being shared in my personal circles. […] So I was just throwing out a different side of things, just for the sake of keeping it a conversation and not an echo chamber.”

Clint explained to BuzzFeed News that she’d be raised with a distrust of medicine and vaccines but that when making the decision whether to vaccinate her own children she’d been swayed by the evidence in what she called a “gradual process” and hopes others will come around to do what’s best for their children.

Judging from the Facebook reactions, which included several hundred “Sad” reacts to the announcement that Clint was vaccinating her kids, not everyone was supportive, and Clint soon found herself debating anti-vaxxers in the comments section of her post.

Considering how vocal the anti-vaxx movement has become lately, even as measles outbreaks become a mounting concern, it’s nice to see someone speaking out.

h/t: BuzzFeed News