Founder Of Spa Where Bob Kraft Was Busted Watched The Super Bowl With Trump

It’s International Women’s Day and while Donald Trump took the time to praise women on Twitter and to take credit for a low female unemployment rate some more unsettling information about the POTUS and women came to light via the Miami Herald.

According to the Herald, Li Yang, the founder of the chain of Florida day spas that were recently raided on charges of prostitution and human trafficking, and which were allegedly frequented by Patriot’s owner and Trump ally Robert Kraft, has also been linked to the President himself and even partied with Trump during the Super Bowl.

According to The Miami Herald, Yang attended Trump’s February 3rd Super Bowl Party in Palm Beach, snapping a photo with the President:

“The woman who snapped the blurry Super Bowl selfie with the president was Li Yang, 45, a self-made entrepreneur from China who started a chain of Asian day spas in South Florida. Over the years, these establishments — many of which operate under the name Tokyo Day Spas — have gained a reputation for offering sexual services.”

It’s not the only time Yang has been photographed with Trump and other prominent conservatives and Trumpworld insiders. According to Mother Jones, who viewed her Facebook photos while they were still online, Yang, who also goes by “Cindy Yang” posted photographs of herself of herself with Donald Trump Jr. and Sarah Palin among others. She also appears in what looks like an official event photo with Trump that was signed by the president.

Yang told the Miami Herald that she no longer owns the day spa in question and she is apparently not being charged in the bust.

According to the Herald Yang was largely politically uninvolved before 2016, and didn’t vote for a decade, before turning into a die-hard MAGA supporter who has appeared at numerous events and visited the White House and sometimes carries “a rhinestone encrusted MAGA clutch purse.”

The paper also reports that Yang has given thousands of dollars to Trump through PACs:

Yang has shown considerable political largesse. Since 2017, she and her close relatives have contributed more than $42,000 to Trump Victory, a political action committee, and more than $16,000 to the president’s campaign.

It’s worth noting that the “Orchids of Asia Day Spa” – the massage parlor and apparent human trafficking location that Kraft was busted for frequenting – is located in Palm Beach county, which is also home to Trump’s southern White House and resort, Mar-a-Lago.

Considering the fact that the day spas being investigated allegedly force women into sex work and keep them confined as sex slaves, Trump’s connection to the business’s founder is chilling.

h/t: The Miami Herald