Fox News Host Attacks Parkland Teen And Gets Clapped Back Into The Stratosphere

The teen survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida have signaled in the strongest terms that they are not messing around in their campaign for stricter gun control. They’ve been asking the tough questions, speaking truth to power, and standing strong in the face of vicious attacks. Because they’re being so effective, the teens have now found themselves in the crosshairs of Fox News, Donald Trump, and the rest of the right-wing smear machine, and they’re beating them handily.

Parkland Teen Sarah Chadwick absolutely roasted Florida Senator and human flop sweat Marco Rubio on Twitter today:

This was just the latest volume in Marco Rubio Gets Humiliated By Teens.

Earlier this week, the Parkland survivors savaged Rubio at a CNN town hall after he refused to stop taking donations from the National Rifle Association.

Unfortunately, Fox News host and professional Angry Conservative Lady Laura Ingraham is VERY UPSET at these UNRULY TEENS talking back to SERIOUS ADULTS who have no intention of doing anything.

THE DISCOURSE! SOMEONE SAVE THE DISCOURSE! Of course, Laura Ingraham doesn’t really care about The Discourse, she’s makes her money lobbing rhetorical bombs at liberals on the radio and her own Fox News show.

Twitter wasn’t gonna let her get away with trying to shame any teenage survivor of one of the deadliest school shootings in the past decade, let alone one so witty.

Ingraham incurred the wrath of Twitter for her shameless shaming and kicked off a dunk session.

That’s right, Ingraham compared liberals to herpes just earlier this morning.

Chadwick even doubled up on her burns:

Ouch. She later deleted that last one, but it probably still stings.

Some people were wondering if Ingraham even appreciated the humor of the attack:

Of course she did and she’s being a disingenuous troll, here’s why…

Laura Ingraham is no fan of Marco Rubio’s, she turned on him after the Senator pushed for comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 (before ultimately backing out like a coward and refusing to support his own bill).

Ingraham zealously backed Trump over Rubio in the GOP presidential primary, casting the race as a battle for the very soul of conservatism.

She knows it was a good burn, that’s why she signaled boosted it! She’s even made similar points of Rubio being easily bought off in the past. The disingenuous part is her hiding her effort to signal boost it by using Chadwick as a human shield to keep from angering her rabid right-wing audience. It’s a attempt to say “this is really funny, but I’m still on your side” and it’s a pretty lame one at that.

She basically admitted as much later:

If we can’t all come together and laugh at what a pathetic excuse Marco Rubio is as a human being and public service, then what hope do we have?

It’s a problem because it plays into the larger effort of Fox News, Donald Trump, and right-wing media to undermine and dismiss the teenage activists pushing for gun control.

The smear campaign is intense on the right, but it seems to be backfiring.

At any rate, Patton Oswalt said something I think most of us can agree on:

Keep coming for the teens and they’ll keep dunking on you.