Fox News Asked Audience How They Felt About Medicare For All And It Backfired Spectacularly

Fox News hosted a town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders last night, and it was just as “fair and balanced” as you’d expect. Moderators Brett Baier and Martha McCallum, from the “hard news” side of Fox (the side that merely dabbles in reactionary right-wing tropes) moderated, but couldn’t keep all their partisan leanings in check.

McCallum wound up seeming more like a debate opponent than a moderator at least a couple times, like when she hectored Sanders over his answer to a question about whether Medicare For All would mean tax hikes for Americans.

Sen. Sanders pointed out that McCallum was leaving out the whole thing about people no longer having to pay insurance premiums, which can cost some thousands of dollars a year.

And things really boiled over when McCallum switched from pushing Sanders to answer a question about Trump’s threat to “punish” sanctuary cities by bussing in detained undocumented immigrants to advocating for the policy.

“So the people who live on the border should have more facilities in their states, but sanctuary cities which have said they’re open to accepting people should not take more? McCallum said before shouting “This is a real question!” when Sanders dismissed the ideas as a political stunt.

Things took an especially unexpected turn when Brett Baier asked the audience a question about Medicare For All. Baier prefaced the question by saying there were Democrats in the audience, but also “Republicans, Independents, Democratic Socialists, and conservatives.” He then asked how many people would rather switch from employer-based insurance to a government program like Medicare For All—and the crowd went wild.

Sanders went on to explain that even within the private market, you often don’t have a choice about your insurance plan. Employers frequently change the insurance options they offer their employees, for example. Also, you can always lose your insurance when you get fired.

Medicare For All boosters on Twitter definitely noticed the moment a rare sunbeam of reality broke through the Fox News propaganda clouds.

The reality is, Medicare For All or some version of a single-payer system or public option polls well with American voters. It’s not exactly news, but it’s news to Fox News.

h/t: Jordan Uhl